About Us

Benjamin Valmont ~ Creative Director

Hello, my name is Benjamin Valmont, a veteran in the field of web design. I have come to attain quite a large amount of experience and knowledge. At 39 years of age, I now have a comprehensive background in developing web applications from the ground up. I am well versed and competent with front-end as well as back-end.

Now as an experienced person in this field I always tend to look back to the start of my career, with my qualifications stemming from an Australian University degree in Information and Communication technology. I tend to reminisce, feeling proud of all the opportunities, decisions and achievements that have helped shape my path to this day.

It is for this reason that I believe I can single handedly make a significant difference to any website or design associated projects for any of my clients, present or future, because I have the best to offer to their respective organisations.

From hence I have observed numerous successful uplifting of websites and have received an abundance of commendations for my outstanding work. I guarantee that my unique methodology and approach towards web design will positively contribute towards any organization, whether it is such that their companies wish to become more renowned on a local and international scale.

Ryan laporte ~ Editor/Writer

Hello my name is Ryan Laporte, I am A web author/editor and responsible for all content, inclusive of images that are used on our clients' website. I am tasked with extensive planning, researching, writing, copying and editing the contents of a website.

I thus produce new content and writing it in such manner as to meet our clients and their customers interest.

I have several years of experience of editing and proof reading tasks. More specifically proof reading of legislative documents in the Attorney General's chambers. I am the quality assurance for all clients website and ensure the best and more appealing additions are always made throughout.